Terms & Conditions

A comprehensive guide to our terms and conditions

These are the standard Booking Conditions of Anderson Tours Limited.

1. Contract: By contracting with Anderson Tours Limited (referred to in these booking conditions as “we or us”) you will be accepting these booking conditions on behalf of yourself and all other persons using our services pursuant to a booking made by you.

2. Payment: Full payment is required at time of booking. Our online payment platform currently accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express & UnionPay. Payment can be made in person at our Tower Bridge Road office in cash or cheque. If payment is not made when it is due, we will be entitled to cancel the booking without notice.

3. Insurance: You are advised to take out travel insurance, which would cover you in the event that you have to cancel your booking or compensate you for delays and/or damage to your property. We do not offer travel insurance ourselves.

4. Privacy Policy

Your information will only be disclosed/provided to third parties for the purposes of providing, arranging, administering and renewing insurance contract(s) and for the purposes of monitoring and/or enforcing compliance with insurance regulatory rules/codes. For full details of where your information will be sent and the purpose of such data transfer, please ask us.

5. Health: We would recommend you obtain a copy of the Department of Health leaflet T4 (Travellers Guide to Health) and make certain that you have with you an E111 document (obtainable from the Post Office) to enable you as a UK citizen to receive medical treatment in EU states and, where relevant, see your doctor to ensure that you are not travelling against medical advice.

6. Check-in/Departures: It is your responsibility to leave ample time for your journey to the nominated departure point. The time stated on your e-ticket is the time of departure – ensure that you are at your stated departure point at least ten minutes prior. We cannot refund or rebook for you missing tours, trips or services as a result of delays on other transport services such as traffic, underground, buses and/or railways.

7. Travel Documentation: You are responsible for ensuring that you are in possession of the required travel documentation such as visas and passports and that they are valid and effective for all countries passed through en-route. We cannot be held responsible for expenses incurred if travel documentation does not meet the required criteria. If you are in doubt, please contact the relevant embassy or consulate. If you need a visa letter please e-mail your request to info@andersontours.co.uk. Please allow 5 working days.

8. Refunds/Cancellations Policy: You must inform us in writing (via fax, email or post) if you wish to cancel a tour or other booking in whole or in part, returning to us any tickets already issued. We must acknowledge your correspondence in order for cancellation to be processed. On cancellation we will charge you an administration charge or percentage of the total price as follows:

Short breaks:

Cancellation notified and tickets returned more than 35 days prior to the date of departure – full refund

Cancellation notified and tickets returned between 34 days and 15 days prior to the date of departure – 50% of total value

Cancellation notified and tickets returned 14 days or fewer prior to the date of departure – 100% of total value.

Isle of Wight Day Trips, Harry Potter, Stonehenge Special Access:

Cancellation notified 15 days in advance – full refund

Cancellation notified 14 days in advance – 100% of total value

All Other Day Trips:

Cancellation notified more than 24 hours in advance – full refund

Cancellation notified less than 24 hours in advance – 50% of total value

All amendments or name changes to confirmed bookings prior to departure are subject to a £10.00 per person administration fee plus any price difference. We regret that no amendments or name changes are possible for any short break less than fourteen days before departure. No amendments are possible for day excursions less than 48 hours before scheduled departure. Passengers that do not check-in at their appointed pick-up point and time will be considered cancelled and normal cancellation policies are applied. No amendments are possible after your departure date and time.

**Please note if you have booked a tour through one of our partner voucher sites, the above terms and conditions will not apply for cancellations. You will need to refer to the partner websites terms and conditions**

We’re unable to offer refunds on missed promotional/discount offers, offers must be applied at time of booking and cannot be redeemed later.

9. Variation of Brochure: We reserve the right, before you book, to vary the services described in our brochures, including prices and departure dates and times and characteristics and categories of transport. You will be notified of these changes before you are committed to the tour.

10. Alterations: If we must change your hotel or other details of the tour, which may be for reasons beyond our control, we will notify you as soon as possible and give you the information as to the alterations. If the change significantly alters an essential term of the contract, you will have the right to withdraw from the contract in which event we will repay all money already paid by you to us or the appropriate proportion if only some of the party withdraw. Alternatively you will have the option to:

a) Take a substitute tour of equivalent or superior value if we are able to offer you such a substitute,

b) to take a substitute tour of lower value if we are able to offer you one, when we will reimburse or allow you the difference in price of the tour contracted for and that of the substitute tour.

You undertake to let us know as quickly as possible your decision in the event of our having to advise you of any such alteration.

11. Force Majeure: Where we cancel the whole tour before departure because of unusual or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, then we will refund all money already paid by you but you will not be entitled to any compensation for the loss of the tour. Where the tour is interrupted to a significant extent by circumstances beyond our control we will refund what is deemed to be a fair proportion of the cost of the tour.

12. Behaviour: You will be responsible for the conduct of yourself and all members of your party and you will indemnify us against any liability for damage caused by you or any members of your party. We reserve the right to terminate the tour in the event of behaviour deemed to be unreasonable by our staff.

13. Complaints: Should you have a complaint during your tour, contact your tour leader and our staff will do their best to rectify your problem. If we cannot resolve your complaint at the time, you should make a written record of your complaint and hand it to your tour leader or send it to us at Anderson Tours, Second Floor, 220 Tower Bridge Road, London, SE1 2UP within 21 days of the end of the tour. We will not be able to deal with any complaints unless we are told in that way and by that time.