Unlocking the Secrets: Anderson Tours' Stonehenge Inner Circle Access - Anderson Tours: Day Trips from London Unlocking the Secrets: Anderson Tours' Stonehenge Inner Circle Access - Anderson Tours: Day Trips from London

Unlocking the Secrets: Anderson Tours' Stonehenge Inner Circle Access

Travel back in time and unlock the secrets of Stonehenge with Anderson Tours’ exclusive Stonehenge Inner Circle Access tour. Designed for true Stonehenge, Neolithic, pagan, or history enthusiasts, this exceptional tour grants you the rare opportunity to enter the inner stone circle of one of the world’s most enigmatic and iconic prehistoric monuments. With expert guides, luxury transportation, and a comprehensive itinerary that includes other Neolithic wonders, Anderson Tours ensures an extraordinary and immersive experience that will leave you with a profound connection to the mysteries of the past.

Stonehenge Inner Circle

Embarking on the Journey: Anderson Tours begins your Stonehenge adventure with convenient pick-up points located in central and west London. Setting the stage for an unforgettable experience, their luxury minibuses and coaches offer comfort and safety throughout the journey. As you settle into your seat, your knowledgeable tour guide sets the tone, sharing intriguing facts and stories about the sights you will see along the way and the fascinating Neolithic monuments you will encounter.

Neolithic Marvels: The Stonehenge Inner Circle tour with Anderson Tours not only provides access to Stonehenge’s inner circle but also offers a chance to explore other remarkable Neolithic sites in the area. Your first stop is the West Kennet Long Barrow, a burial tomb that dates back over 5,000 years. Accompanied by your tour guide, you will ascend the hillside and venture into one of Britain’s largest Neolithic burial tombs. As you step into the burial chambers, a sense of reverence envelops you, and the guide’s vivid storytelling brings the tomb’s fascinating history to life. From this elevated vantage point, you can also catch a glimpse of Silbury Hill, Europe’s largest prehistoric man-made mound, the purpose of which remains largely unknown, adding to its air of mystery.

Avebury Tour

Avebury Village: Continuing the journey, you arrive at Avebury, a quaint village boasting its own Neolithic stone circles. Embark on a short walking tour led by your guide and immerse yourself in the aura of ancient history. The stone circles of Avebury rival those of Stonehenge in size and significance, yet they often remain overlooked. As you explore the village, you’ll have the opportunity to touch the massive stones that have stood for millennia, marveling at their monumental presence. After the tour, enjoy some free time to wander through the village, perhaps indulging in a late lunch or a drink at the infamous haunted Red Lion pub—an experience that adds an extra layer of intrigue to your visit.


The Inner Circle Revelation: The culmination of the Stonehenge Inner Circle tour is the highly anticipated access to the inner stone circle of Stonehenge itself. As the site closes to the public, you and your intimate group of fellow enthusiasts will enter this sacred space, becoming part of an exclusive cohort granted the privilege of standing amidst the ancient stones. Guided by an expert, your exploration reveals the enigmatic rituals, historical significance, and architectural marvels that have fascinated scholars and visitors for centuries. With every step you take, you become more immersed in the aura of this mystical place, forging a deep and personal connection with its ancient past.

Anderson Tours takes great care in ensuring that you have ample time to absorb the magic of the inner circle. Wander among the towering stones, marveling at their grandeur and the engineering prowess of the Neolithic people who constructed them. Capture photographs that will forever serve as a reminder of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. The tour strikes the perfect balance between guided commentary and free exploration, allowing you to fully appreciate the unique energy that radiates from this ancient monument.

Conclusion: Anderson Tours’ Stonehenge Inner Circle Access tour offers an unparalleled opportunity to unlock the secrets of one of the world’s most enigmatic ancient monuments. From the moment you board their luxury transportation in London to the moment you bid farewell to Stonehenge, the experience is meticulously designed to immerse you in the awe-inspiring world of the Neolithic era. With their commitment to quality, expert guides, and comprehensive itinerary that includes other Neolithic wonders, Anderson Tours ensures that your journey is not just informative, but also deeply transformative.

Book your Stonehenge Inner Circle Access tour today and be part of a select group of individuals who have witnessed the inner sanctum of this extraordinary site. Prepare to step back in time, unravel the mysteries, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Stonehenge Inner Circle Access - Evening

*Kindly note that the itinerary is based on a 12:00 start. Some tours may start at other times like 10:00 in which case all the timings would change to be 2hrs earlier. Please check at the time of booking and on your ticket for the correct pick-up and starting time on the date of your tour.

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