Margate & Broadstairs

Margate & Broadstairs: Seaside Day Trip from London

Margate, Joss Bay & Broadstairs Full-day Kent Coastal Gems Transport from London

from £35

Margate, Joss Bay & Broadstairs

Journey to the Kent coast with this seaside day trip from London. One of the closest coasts to London, and with beautiful sandy beaches to boot, it's no wonder that the Thanet seaside resort towns of Margate & Broadstairs have always been a popular choice for those looking to escape the city and breathe in the sea air. Suitable for couples, solo travellers, and friend & family groups, this seaside day trip is a an excellent opportunity to reconnect with those close to you, explore a new area, or to spend a day relaxing in natural surroundings. Keen surfers heading to Joss Bay are also welcome to bring along their surfboards - kindly just let us know in advance so we can provide a vehicle with plenty of underground storage space. We offer pick-ups from a few transport hubs in central & west London (Earls Court, South Kensington, Victoria, Kings Cross & London Bridge) to make it as convenient as possible to join our luxury coach & driver in the morning. Then we set off from our final pick-up point, London Bridge, and make our way to the Thanet coast in Kent. We offer 3 drop-offs at different beaches quite close to each other: Margate, Joss Bay & Viking Bay (the main beach of Broadstairs). You are welcome to get off at whichever beach you choose, or even to walk from one beach to the other or to other beaches between them like Botany Bay or Kingsgate Bay, kindly just discuss this with the driver so he can give you the right time and place to meet for the return journey back to London. This weekend day trip is transport-only and our Euro 6 low emissions engines are a better choice for the environment than driving your own car. In a year with limited public transport options, booking a budget-friendly ticket on our coach is the perfect way to get to the well-loved sandy beaches, independent cafes & restaurants, & quirky shops of Margate & Broadstairs.

Natural Beauty

Experience the gorgeous natural surroundings of the Thanet, Kent coastline with its sandy beaches & white cliffs.

Things to Do

Enjoy the many restaurants, cafes & shops at the seaside towns of Margate & Broadstairs or visit the family-friendly theme park of Dreamland at Margate (if open).

5-Star Service

We have been providing transport & day trips to Londoners & tourists for nearly 30yrs. With a reputation for reliability & quality, our friendly family-run company are customer-focussed.

Luxury Coach

We use our own safe, comfortable, luxury minibuses & coaches. Toilet facilities, USB charging ports & wheelchair access are optionally provided, please contact us in advance if you have a specific request.

Payment Options

We accept most major card types for online payments, including Visa, Mastercard & American Express. We also accept payment by card over the phone or cash to our central London office.

Have a Question?

Feel free to reach out and we're happy to answer any questions you may have.


07:30-09:00 - London Pick-ups
We offer a range of pick-up points located in central & west London, all of which are easy to reach by public transport. You can choose to meet us at whichever pick-up point is most convenient for you.
09:00 - Depart London
After our London pick-ups, we head south-east towards Margate & Broadstairs.
11:45 - Arrive at Margate
Allowing time for summer weekend traffic, this is the approximate time we aim to arrive in Margate, one of the most popular and well-known seaside resort towns in the UK. You are welcome to alight here if this is your beach of choice, otherwise just remain on board if you would prefer to get off at Joss Bay or Viking Bay (Broadstairs).
12:05 - Arrive at Joss Bay, Broadstairs
This is the approximate time of drop-off at Joss Bay for everyone who would like to spend the day in or around this beach. Joss Bay is known for its clean, sandy beaches, surfing waves & sea caves once used by smugglers. The bay owes its name to a famous smuggler from the late 18th and early 19th centuries, Joss Snelling.
12:15 - Arrive at Viking Bay, Broadstairs
Our final coastal drop-off is at the most well-known of the Broadstairs beaches, Viking Bay. This is where our driver will leave all who choose this as their seaside base for the day. Enjoy your day at the seaside soaking up the sun, swimming, walking along the coast, or relishing the view & the fresh sea air as you grab a leisurely lunch at one of the many restaurant & pubs close to the beachfront.
16:45 - Depart Viking Bay, Broadstairs
This is the approximate time that any of us in Viking Bay, Broadstairs, will meet the driver & coach for a 16:50 departure. Kindly pay attention to the driver on the day though for the correct meeting time, as timings may change subject to traffic.
17:00 - Depart Joss Bay, Broadstairs
This is the approximate time that we will meet the coach & driver for a 17:05 departure. As timings may change slightly, the driver will update you in the morning as to the correct meeting time & place on the day.
17:25 - Depart Margate
Margate is our final pick-up, so kindly ensure that you are ready at the time & place that the driver will have communicated to you in the morning. 17:25 for a 17:30 departure is the average meeting time, subject to traffic & other considerations on the day.
20:15 - Drop-off in London
This is the approximate time of drop-off back in central London near London Bridge Station, subject to traffic. Due to timings & where the destination is situated, this is usually the only drop-off point for this day trip. London Bridge Station is a transport hub and well connected to the rest of London and the UK.
Margate & Broadstairs
A Kent seaside trip from London
From £35
  • Return Transport from London
  • Choice of 3 beaches: Margate, Joss Bay or Viking Bay
  • Luxury, air-conditioned coach or minibus
  • Suitable for couples, friends, families or solo travellers
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