Discover the Mystical: 15 of the Best Things to do in Glastonbury

Glastonbury is known as the ‘hippiest town in the UK’ and it’s a place full of interesting and magical experiences. Whether you’re into spiritual stuff or just looking to explore, there’s something for everyone. You can visit the famous Tor, check out some really unique shops, and learn about the town’s history and legends. If you’re into hippie culture, you’ll find lots of cool, laid-back vibes and colourful places to explore. In this article we’re going to explore 15 of the best things to do in Glastonbury that you won’t want to miss when you visit this magical and free-spirited town.

1. Ascend the Glastonbury Tor

The iconic Glastonbury Tor is a must-visit, offering panoramic views of the Somerset countryside. Steeped in legend, it’s said to be the Isle of Avalon, King Arthur’s final resting place. The climb is invigorating, and the views are rewarding, making it a perfect start to your Glastonbury adventure.

2. Explore the Glastonbury Abbey

The ruins of Glastonbury Abbey are a testament to the town’s rich history. Once a site of great religious importance, it’s enveloped in legends of King Arthur and the Holy Grail. The serene grounds and the fascinating history make it a captivating visit.

3. Discover the Chalice Well

The Chalice Well is a tranquil spot, believed to be a sacred source of healing. The waters are rich in iron, giving them a distinctive red hue, symbolising the sacred feminine. The gardens surrounding the well are beautifully maintained, offering a peaceful retreat.

4. Walk the Glastonbury Mural Trail

The Glastonbury Mural Trail is a historical journey that starts at the iconic Glastonbury Tor and finishes at the bustling Market Cross. To walk the trail, you can pick up a map from the Glastonbury Information Centre, and you can explore the town while learning about its captivating history through the colourful murals along the way.

5. Experience the Glastonbury Goddess Temple

Dedicated to the Divine Feminine, the Goddess Temple is a unique space for meditation and reflection. It offers various events and workshops, focusing on spiritual growth and self-discovery, making it a haven for spiritual seekers.

6. Browse the Eccentric Shops

Glastonbury’s High Street is lined with eclectic shops, offering everything from crystals to mediaeval attire. Whether you’re searching for a unique souvenir or exploring alternative lifestyles, the shops in Glastonbury are a treasure trove of the unusual and the mystical.

7. Enjoy Vegan Delights

Glastonbury is a haven for vegans, with numerous eateries offering plant-based options. From the flavourful dishes at The Rainbow’s End Café to the decadent desserts at The Pyramid Vegan, the town caters to all palates. 

8. Hike the Somerset Levels

The Somerset Levels offer picturesque landscapes and diverse wildlife, making it a perfect location for hiking and nature spotting. The flat terrains and well-marked trails make it accessible for all fitness levels.

9. Unwind at the Red Brick Building

This community-owned building is a hub for arts, music, and wellbeing. It hosts various events, workshops, and classes, and houses a cosy bistro, making it a great spot to relax and connect with the local community. You can visit their website to check the schedule: 

10. Wander through the Rural Life Museum

This museum provides insights into Somerset’s agricultural history, showcasing traditional farming practices and rural life. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the past, with well-curated exhibits and knowledgeable staff.

11. Experience the White Spring

The White Spring, contrasting the red waters of the Chalice Well, is a powerful and atmospheric space, dedicated to the spirits of the land. It’s a place of reflection and connection with the elemental forces of nature.

12. Join a Guided Tour

Various guided tours are available, we recommend our very own Glastonbury and Cheddar Gorge tour, which leaves from London. The tour is guided and includes a guide and access to Glastonbury Abbey as well as the option to add on a tour of Cheddar Gorge Caves.

13. Learn to read the future

Learn the art of fortune telling with a 3 day future life progression course at radiant angel energy. They also offer angel card reading, reiki and guided meditation.

14. Take a workshop or retreat

Glastonbury is the hippie town in the UK, from mosaics to celtic healing. Wand making mushroom foraging. Browse online to see a fascinating array of magical enlightenment.

15. Attend the Glastonbury Festival

The ever famous Glastonbury Festival is a celebration of music, arts, and culture. With its A-list line-up and vibrant atmosphere, it’s a must-experience event for music lovers and festival enthusiasts.

Glastonbury, with its blend of history, legend, and spirituality, offers a unique and enriching experience for every visitor. Whether you’re drawn to its mystical allure, its vibrant cultural scene, or its natural beauty, Glastonbury invites you to explore, reflect, and connect. Fancy a visit to this mystical marvel? Why not check out our highly rated Glastonbury and Cheddar Gorge Coach Tour from London.

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